About Dr. Zoe Grant, DBS, THd.

Zoe Grant A GOOD CHANGE for 2023

Dr. Zoe Grant, a Temple Resident since 2016, moved here from Denver, Colorado. She has lived on the North and West sides of town and intentionally moved to the East side when she saw the needs in the community. Her family heritage is from Temple, Texas, so her visits were often. Zoe is a licensed minister with a Doctorate in Theology and a member of A New Day Fellowship Church, where she serves on the board, a Prayer Intercessor for Victim-2-Victory, a Faith-Based Support Group Ministry for survivors of incest, child sexual abuse & rape. She is the founder and Executive Director of Zoe's Wings Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) (Member of the Temple Chamber of Commerce and The Innovation Black Chamber of Commerce), New Life Community Development Center, Inc., a 501(c)(3) both in efforts of giving back to the community. She is the owner of several businessES in the community and District 2.

Dr. Grant is the niece of Robert Martin, the first African American City of Temple Commissioner and Mayor ProTem. When elected by the constituents to the City of Temple Council District 2 seat, it is a legacy path that was destined to happen and will warrant her as the first African American Woman to sit on City Council in Temple, Texas.

New leadership, it's time for a change!

Zoe Grant's lifelong compassion and dedication are to the well-being and safety of men, women, and children in her community. She is committed to the improvements in the City of Temple that promote growth in the economy and the improvement in lives of the resident’s concerning mobility and housing. She has a strong desire to improve the lives and communities of the of the under-served.

Zoe was born in Denver, Colorado, her parents were Texas Natives that met in Temple. She is the youngest of eight, three brothers and four sisters. Her mother and father taught her the value of hard work and deidcation. Her mother showed us perserverance and family first, which we all carried on to our own families. Temple is home with her many relatives. Her family lineage extend across the names of Blocker, Grant, Pleasant, Ward, Hendricks, Owens, Johnson, Martin, Woodard, Benson, Thomas, and Harvey. She has two adult children, Ejevon (son) age 40 and Davetta (Daughter) age 38, married to James (Awesome son-in-law), and three very energetic granddaughters, Madison (9), Jayda (3), and Brooklyn (11 months). Her family is the joy of her life and an inspiration to her in making her life complete. She served as a foster parent for over 15 years and has engaged over 150 youth in life skills sessions, mentoring and a plethora of other services such as Community Civic Engagement projects (attended city council meetings, assisted with voter registration and volunteer projects), performance art training, workshops, and national competitions, mentoring and guidance, tutoring, and academic support, teaching and instruction, theatre and dramatizations. She has received a Distinguished Service Award, Outstanding Soror of the Year, and Outstanding Women in Business Award. She has given thousands of hours of untiring community service.